Marketing Automation deployment


  • INR: ₹37,729.39



We provide end-to-end marketing automation deployment.

Automate your business fully with our marketing automation services.

Give your business a kick new start with us!!


Our Marketing Automation deployment services include:

  • Lead collection setup (landing page, web forms, pop ups)
  • Automated lead nurturing setup (email series, lead scoring, lead stages, etc)


  • $499/month


  • Maximum up to 10 hours of work/month.

Service delivery Timelines:

  • 3-9 working days

What we need from Your end:

  • Content and creatives.
  • Timely approvals

Getting Started:

  1. Buy any packaged IT Services from all categories (IT & Development, Sales &    Marketing, Operations, etc).
  2. A Project Manager is assigned who contacts you immediately (conference call/video call) and captures your “exact” requirement.
  3. We deliver the work on agreed terms. We will use various collaboration tools like Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat for communication.