What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft 365 which is also known as Office 365, is a Microsoft-hosted service for Technologies like Exchange, SharePoint, Lync (now Skype, business), and many others. Office 365 is a suite or collection of different applications and features that help businesses to run smoothly. It gives extra storage and cloud-connected features. 

Office 365 Applications

Office 365 Plans for Business

Office 365 Business Plans

Office 365 offers four different plans

Microsoft 365 Business Basics

This package provides Microsoft’s simple remote solutions. It also encompasses both offline and online cloud services. However, the PC version is not included in this plan. This Microsoft basic plan also includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint mobile and web versions. It also provides Web and Mobile versions of Office Apps.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

This plan includes the most recent updates. It only Uses one license to cover fully installed Office apps. Therefore, it Automatically updates your apps with new features and capabilities every month. It also provides Desktop versions of office apps with Premium features.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

This plan is ideal for a business because it offers numerous services such as secure cloud services, business email, and other services such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, etc. With this plan, you can also Host Webinars easily.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

This plan provides premium services with unlimited storage of one drive and it also includes premium advanced cyberthreat protection for total security. This plan also provides Cyberthreat Protection.

Features of Microsoft office 365

Real-Time Co-Authoring

You can save your document to One Drive or on SharePoint so that others can collaborate. On a real-time basis, you may also see the changes made by other colleagues in the documents. It also stores each version automatically so you can quickly go back to previous versions.

Chat with Co-Workers in Office Apps

This function is used to talk with your coworkers, share displays, and conduct voice or video conversations. So don’t even have to close the program you’re in. You can also join the conversation on your desktop or phone using Skype, and you can communicate with the team while they edit.

You can also add a comment to a particular selection within the document. Comments are preserved alongside the document and can be responded to, marked as completed, or removed.

Inserting Links to Stored Files Instead of Sending Copies

Don’t send copies – send a link instead!

You can use this functionality to store your files on OneDrive and then share a link to the document with everyone (or even a folder with multiple items). Instead of attaching your file to the email, you can include a link to your cloud-based file. Simply upload your file to OneDrive and use Office 365’s share link feature. 

From Microsoft Outlook

  1. Insert > Attach File > Browse Web Locations > OneDrive while writing your email.
  2. Select a file.
  3. From the pop-up window, select the Share link.

And for Using SharePoint?

  1. Insert > Attach File > Browse Web Locations > SharePoint 
  2. Select a file.
  3. From the pop-up window, select the Share link.

Use OneNote Items in Outlook Calendar Events

By integrating OneNote with Microsoft Outlook, you can keep track of not only your tasks but also other information that arrives via email in convenient notebooks with tabs. You may also use OneNote as a collaboration tool to share information with others. Within your calendar, you may transform your notes into tasks and assign them to colleagues with reminders and deadlines.

OneNote is integrated into Microsoft Outlook. So, you can use it in conjunction with your calendar and to-do list. It can also be combined with other productivity software. OneNote also has options for peer collaboration.

Intelligent Email Inbox 

Clutter is an inbox organization tool that helps you focus on the most important messages. It employs deep learning to de-clutter the inbox by shifting lower priority messages to a new Clutter folder out of your way. Finally, Clutter eliminates distractions though you can focus on what is important. This Clutter feature will automatically organize your email based on your mailbox settings so that high-priority items appear first.

The mails that aren’t as important are simply transferred to the Clutter folder. They’ll stay out of your way until you’ve had a chance to go over the goods. You can train Clutter ahead of time by labeling items as Clutter or just moving them to the Clutter folder.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for Business

With Office 365, users and company colleagues can collaborate and communicate in real-time.

  • Through options like team chats, file sharing, online meetings, and group emails, the program helps you save time and operate more effectively.
  • If you utilize the Windows operating system, all of your software and applications will stay in sync, allowing you to work indefinitely without worrying about working in multiple formats.
  • With Office 365, you’ll be able to easily scale your firm. You can mix and match programs from its wide choice of software tools to create your unique solution.
  • It allows work from anywhere in the world. It lets you store, create, edit, and share files in real-time from your devices, such as a laptop, PC, Mac, or iOS device.
  • Different team members worked on the same issue using its editing feature to discover a solution in less time.
  • Its multi-device functionality allows for installation on up to five devices per user, allowing you to work from a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other devices.
Benefits of office 365


Office 365 business works with multiple devices and facilitates communication and work management. Office 365 is a good solution for business. It also boosts productivity and the company’s competitiveness. Office 365 features are very important and have a huge impact on the business.

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