Google current is the social application of google workspace. Google current generally use for sharing posts, and announcements, using #tags in posts, join communities, and streams. which makes all employees connected with each other. We can only use it for the internal boundaries of the company. 

How you can use google currents for your company effectively.

  1. By Creating post:
Currents: Have Meaningful Discussions at Work | Google Workspace

Like Facebook and LinkedIn you can create and share posts on google currents. This helps your business to make your employees motivate and learn new things.

  1. By Join communities and streams:
Hello Google Currents – Office of Information Technology

A community is just like a group of people in the company and outside the company also. Through community, it’s easy to make announcements, circulate the information to specific group members. With streams, it’s a very helpful way to organize all the information coming out within your organization on daily basis.

  1. Use #tags in a post
Currents: Have Meaningful Discussions at Work | Google Workspace

You can follow and use #tags in posts that highlight the specific content of the post.

  1. Use to sharing thoughts and information
Google Is Introducing An Update To Google Drive, Docs, And Sheets apps'  Permissions Window To Make File Sharing Less Complicated / Digital  Information World

Google current helps to share thoughts and posts between employees and staff members and its works very gratefully.

What’s Next

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