What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s also designed to keep track of consumer data. In other words, CRM is used to build relationships between organizations and customers across the entire customer life-cycle. CRM is a tool that organizes contacts and sales, agent efficiency, and client relationships throughout the sales process.

In other words, CRM is a way to manage the whole customer’s lifecycle process starting from lead generation to making it into a successful transaction. More specifically, it refers to the system which a company uses to analyze customer interaction and measure data throughout the customer lifecycle process.

CRM helps businesses in keeping track of events, contacts, and data in order to identify future potential areas for improvement. Also, CRM provides project planning tools, automation, and other capabilities which can help organizations to stay competitive in the environment.

Marketing Automation with CRM

Firstly, Marketing Automation is a data-driven solution that allows you to target customers with personalized campaigns. You can automate marketing efforts, conduct effective campaigns, enhance consumer engagement. And also drive high profitability using marketing automation software. 

Secondly, CRM works by gathering information from customers and analyzing the data. So that the CRM team can manage customers’ requirements, and help in modifying marketing strategies to enhance sales. When clubbed together they can increase an organization’s efficiency exponentially. 

Marketing Automation with CRM

Advantages of Marketing automation with CRM

  • Cost savings
  • Additional income
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Better data for smarter decisions
  • Process of marketing refinement
  • Personalized customer journey
  • Save time on marketing initiatives by combining marketing and sales on one page.
  • Customize the software to meet your specific requirements.

Reasons why to combine CRM and Marketing Automation.

  • Access to customer data all the time.
  • Better alignment of sales and marketing functionalities.
  • Progressive activities with respect to each other.
  • Increased Lead Conversation ratio and consolidated information.
  • Timing saving in terms of interactivity between teams.
  • Makes it easier to deal with problems

CRM and Marketing automation software can be used in tandem to optimize each other’s capabilities and improve the customer experience.


Marketing automation with CRM helps to align your marketing automation with sales. Therefore, it helps in segmenting your audience and tracking the activities of your leads. In fact, we believe it’s important for any business for their growth and success.

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