office 365 About Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft provides free web versions of its classic Office products, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. In addition to Calendar, To-Do app, Forms, Sway, Contacts, Power Automate (ex-flow), OneDrive, and Skype, there are numerous other free productivity and collaboration apps and services available. Therefore, Office 365 is always updated and included new features.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud that allows you to pursue your passion while also running your business. Microsoft 365 is more than just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It combines best-in-class productivity apps with powerful Cloud Services, device management, and advanced security in a single, connected experience.

Office 365 is constantly being improved, and New features are added as they are completed. Office 365 will always have more features than Office 2019.

office 365 Features Included in Microsoft Office 365?

Let’s discuss the main features included in Microsoft office 365

365 logo E-Mail

In-office 365 you can move google workspace email to your new Microsoft 365 outlook inbox in serval steps. You can make a personalized email address that is linked to your mailbox., for example.

In Outlook, add your new Microsoft 365 email account.

  1. Choose File > Add Account, enter your email address in the provided field, click Connect, enter your email password, and click Sign in.
  1. In the Mail Delivery Location message, leave the Allow my organization to manage device check box selected, select Yes, select Done, and then select OK.
  1. You can add another account to Outlook or click Done on the confirmation page.

365 logo Skype for Business

Skype for Business enables you to quickly connect with other employees within your organization and client around the world. It is similar to skype it also has productivity features that help you run your business more efficiently, such as seeing when someone is available, in a meeting, or presenting, providing industrial strength security for calls, and broadcasting a meeting online to a large audience. 

You can also find contacts, make voice or video calls, or simply hover over the person you want to connect with within the main window. Then, to begin a conversation, choose IM, call, video chat, or schedule a meeting.

365 logo OneDrive / OD4B

OneDrive in office 365 is an Online Storage individual licensed users in an organization are provided with cloud space. The software helps protect work files and make them accessible across multiple devices. You can use OneDrive to share files, collaborate on documents, and sync files to your computer. Learn more about the features, functionality, and pricing of OneDrive.

The default storage space for each user’s OneDrive is 1 TB for most subscription plans. You can increase this storage up to 5 TB depending on your plan and the number of licensed users.

365 logoMicrosoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables you to convert existing Office 365 Outlook Groups into chat channels, allowing many large teams to share discussion spaces. For smaller 1-on-1 or group conversations, private group chats are available.

Microsoft Teams is an organization’s teamwork hub, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, files, and Office 365 apps in a single location.

Users can use Teams to have private one-on-one or group chats, as well as open conversations within a team channel, to keep information transparent and prevent unnecessary emails.

365 logoMicrosoft Editor

The editor helps in the detection of misspellings as well as the correction of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors.

Premium allows you to check for clarity, conciseness, and formality. In-app learning tips provide context and recommendations on topics such as vocabulary and punctuation.

Microsoft Editor helps you check your spelling and grammar and polish your writing style across social media, email, and documents. The editor can be used in a variety of applications, including Word, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Google Docs.

With intelligent grammar, editing, and spelling suggestions, you can communicate in over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French. You can spell-check up to three languages at the same time.

365 logoMicrosoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is the Smartest Way to upload, organize, and share videos content companywide. stream adds intelligence to the way you engage with content. With automatic transcription, not only is the video more accessible, but deep searching within the video itself is also possible.

Stream integrates video into apps you use every day like Microsoft team, share point, yammer, and more, making video easy to share and collaborate.

Microsoft Stream (Classic) is a secure video service that allows you to control who sees your video content and how widely you share it within your organization.

Microsoft Stream (Classic) also assists you in organizing content into channels and groups to make it easier to find.

365 logoYammer

Yammer allows you to connect and interact with others in your organization to discuss ideas, share updates, and network. Microsoft 365’s enterprise editions include Yammer, a business social network. Yammer, which functions similarly to a closed version of Facebook, allows coworkers to chat, share files, conduct surveys, and more.

Yammer connects people across the organization, allowing you to create communities, share knowledge, and engage employee communities to break down barriers and bring people together.

  • You can use yammer to ask questions, loop in experts, and flag the best answers.
  • Leaders can use Yammer to drive culture and align the organization.
  • Organize company-wide events using live and on-demand videos to share vision, celebrate progress, gather feedback, and spark engagement.
  • Users can opt-in to receive alerts through their mobile devices and inboxes by posting and pinning an announcement.

365 logoSharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based version of SharePoint Server that enables organizations to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to enable seamless collaboration across the organization. It includes a powerful search engine and workflow capabilities, all of which are customizable and extensible via various development models and APIs.

SharePoint Server Organizations can install and manage SharePoint Server on their servers. It has all of the capabilities of the SharePoint Foundation. It also includes features and capabilities like Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Personal Sites, and Newsfeed.

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that enables businesses to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:

  • Encourage collaboration.
  • Find information quickly
  • Collaborate across the organization with ease.

365 logoMicrosoft Forms

You can use Microsoft Forms to create a form for a survey or quiz. You can also invite others to respond to it using almost any web browser or mobile device, and you can view real-time results as they are submitted. To evaluate responses, use the built-in analytics, and export the results to Excel for further analysis or grading.

You can also use Microsoft Forms to manage event registrations, create a quick opinion poll, and much more. It’s easy to create and analyze surveys with Google Forms directly from your mobile or web browser – no special software is necessary.. As soon as the results are in, you can see them. Statistics can also be summarized using charts and graphs.

365 logoAzure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection (AIP), formerly known as Azure RMS, is another feature introduced by office 365 to prevent corporate data leakage. The Azure Information Protection AIP is a cloud-based set of setups. Therefore it allows IT, administrators, to label, classify, and secure documents and messages for Office 365 AD-enabled on-premises devices. While the Office web and desktop applications on Office 365 can protect documents and messages, the AD RMS helps secure documents and messages by leveraging the capability of on-premise hardware.

office 365What is New In office 365 in 2022

What's included in office 365

office 365Conclusion

Office 365 is a perfect solution for small and large enterprises. Its a quick and easy to use and configure. The extensive suite of business tools included in Office 365 contributes to increased overall productivity. As a result, the IT department saves time and effort updating and troubleshooting, allowing to focus on more strategic company tasks.

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