How to Verify a Domain for Google Workspace

G Suite is history – please welcome Google Workspace!


In this article, we have to explain to you, “how you can verify your domain for google workspace” to use all their applications like Gmail, Google Drive, and many applications.

By following these methods and steps you can easily verify your domain for google workspace.
  1. First Method: Get your unique verification record.
  • Login to the domain dashboard then you can see the view card and list view.
Google Workspace
  • In the card view, you have to click manage on the domain which you want to verify. 
Google Workspace
  • In the list view, you have to click on the cog icon and then click on google workspace.
List view, click the cog icon
  • Then you can show the admin icon under quick access. Click on the admin icon and click to continue setting up.
Google Workspace
  1. Second Method: Add verification record to the DNS Record:
  • Again login to the domain dashboard and go to the list view cog icon.
  • Then click on the DNS name servers. Under the name, the server selects DNS records Tabs.
  • After adding DNS record by filling the information like:
Google Workspace
  1. In the name column put @ Sign
  2. In the Type column select TXT
  3. Content column, you have to paste your verification record. which you have to copy from the Google Admin Console.
  4. In the TTL column insert a Range between 1-12 hours.
  5. In the priority column, there is no need to insert anything.
  6. After that click on update DNS.
  • Add a CNAME verification record:
Edit DNS records window
  1. Name field add @ sign
  2. Type select CNAME
  3. In the content, the field pastes a long string of text and numbers that you copied from the Google admin console.
  4. In the TTL column insert a range between 1-12 hours.
  5. Priority field blank.
  6. After that click on update DNS.

3. Tell google to verify

  • Go back to the admin console and navigate to verify your domain page.
click here link
  • Then click on verify my domain.

After following these steps you are ready to use all google workspace tools and applications.

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