How to use Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education


Google workspace for education is available in different additions which helps you to make your education pattern more effective and efficient. Also, google workspace provides you with paid and unpaid options.

These are the modules of google workspace for education.

  1. Education fundamentals: Google Workspace for education fundamental tools which can help you to increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Also, this tool is ad-free, secure, and reliable.
  1. Education standards: Google Workspace for education standards is a paid tool ($3/student/year) that includes everything with advanced security and analytics.
  1. Teaching and learning upgrades: In this tool, it includes advanced video communication and enriched class experience. Also paid ($4/license/year).
  1. Education plus: Transform your education pattern with advanced security, and analytics to enhance your teaching pattern. Also paid ($5/student/month).

Features of Google Workspace Education

  1. Ad-free
  2. Advanced security
  3. 24*7 access
  4. 1 login for every activity
  5. Collaborative with some application
  6. Run with any devices

Application Include in Google Workspace for Education

  • Google Classroom:
Google Classroom logo

In this application, you can create a virtual classroom for your students to feel the classroom experience. Therefore, it’s easy to share assignments and make announcements through this.

  • Google drive: 
Google Drive logo

It helps students and teachers both to store their data like docs, files, sheets, and many more in google drive with advanced security. Also easy to access and easy to share any data with anyone.

  • Google Doc: 
Google docs logo

This tool helps to create assignments and projects in a text doc. 

  • Google sheet: 
Google Sheets logo

Generally used for data management and attendance. It is based on rows and columns.

  • Google form: 
Google Forms logo

This application is used for surveys, research, and collecting data from others. It’s just filling in the information which the google form required.

  • Google slides: 
Google Slides logo

Helps to make presentations and define something in a very creative way.

  • Google drawing: 
Google-Drawing logo

Based on making shapes, lines, creating drawings, flowcharts and graphics.

  • Gmail: 
Gmail logo

This application is only used for professionals like sending emails, reports, assignments, and files. Also easy to communicate.

  • Calendar: 
Google Calendar Logo

Helps to schedule classes, meetings, and appointments.

  • Google meet: 
Google Meet Logo

Connect with students and teachers face to face through video meetings.

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