How to use Google Workspace Effectively for your Business


In this article, we explain how you can use your google workspace in a very effective way by following some tips. These tips will help you to make your work more efficient and give you a high result.

So here are the tips we are talking about

  1. Customize Email Address
How to customize experience to improve business performance? | by Meiling  Wu | The Startup | Medium

Google workspace provides a feature called email customization. Which helps you to use your domain or company name on your email address like

  1. Sending a Meeting Invitation
How to Send a Google Calendar Invite on Desktop or Mobile

Google workspace gives you a calendar application. which helps you to set a date and day of the meeting. then Gmail automatically sends the invitation for the meeting which is already set in the calendar.

  1. Hide your guest list
How to hide the guest list in Google Calendar | G Suite Tips

You have to make your guest list private for public events. Only the admin can allow seeing the guest list and invitation responses.

  1. Use confidential mode
Guide] How to Use “Confidential Mode” Feature in Gmail – AskVG

Gmail has a useful feature called confidential mode. If you send some private email to anyone he or she will not be able to copy, print, download, and forward that email.

  1. Send large attachments
How to Send Large Files by Email for Free? | MashTips

In Gmail, we can only send a maximum of 25MB attachments. If you want to send large attachments then use google drive. You can save your attachment in google drive and after you compose the mail and just click on the drive icon and select the attachment. Through this process, you can send attachments up to 10 GB.

  1. Save typing time
Let Gmail Finish Your Sentences - The New York Times

When you compose an email you can use smart compose and smart reply. It suggests words that make it easy to write emails.

  1. Create chats room
Google Workspace Updates: Rooms in Google Chat to be unthreaded by default  starting November 16

Create a chat group and room in google chat for meetings and discussions with up to 8,000 members permitted.

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