A learning portal is known as the business page where a company uploads their content for their clients to give them a piece of good information and knowledge about their products and services. which helps clients and visitors easy to know the product and services of the company. through the Google site, you can create a learning portal for your business.

Steps to use google site to create a Learning Portal for your Company

  1.  Selecting templates and creating a page :
Google Site
  • In this step, you have to go to the google site and select the red “Create” button on the left-hand side.
  • Clicking on the button, After you have a choice to select premade templates or customize them according to your preference.
  • Then insert the name of your portal like “learning” or Google can give you a choice to customize your URL through the google app control panel.
  • After inserting the portal name. So now it’s ready for the editing part.
  1. Editing and structuring the learning portal:
Google Site
  • In editing, you can add only selected bars for the company content that you want to upload.
  • Also, you can add multi-page in the header according to your content.
  1. Styling your site:
Google Site
  • In this step, you can customize the color of your page name.
  • You can also add a background image for your portal which looks attractive for the person who reads your content.
  • In styling, you can use Hyperlink for the background image.
  1. Embedding a Custom company history timeline:
Google Site
  • This thing allows us to view BetterCloud’s short history in a clear and interactive manner.
  • To create your custom timeline you have to visit and select the file formate.
  • At top of the site choose google doc Template then you will be redirected to a google spreadsheet template that you can fill in with your own information. 
  • After adding company history. publish the spreadsheet and copy the URL and paste that URL into “Embed Generator” on
  1. Collaboration:
Google Site
  • In this step, you can share your learning portal with others and give them a view, editing, and ownership rights.
  • It is similar to a google doc. You can share with anyone easily.
  • Collaboration tools have been extremely useful during our intranet revamp. Also, each department is responsible for updating its section of the intranet, which keeps the entire site up to date with accurate, vital information.

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