How to Set Up Google Workspace for a New Business

Google Workspace


Starting a new business then you have to manage your online activities in a professional way. For this, you need google workspace which helps to manage your business activity in a professional way by providing you with a professional email id for your business, domain name, and many more things. 

Steps to set up Google Workspace for a New Business

  1. In the 1st step, you have to enter your business domain name for a 30-day free trial. After a 30 day free trial you will choose the plan and purchase according to your preference.
Google Workspace
  1. After getting a free trial you have to create a Super Admin Email. that account will give you access to the G  Admin Console as well as all of the Apps included with G Suite. which maintain your all business activities.
Google Workspace
  1. Then you have to activate your google workspace by Login to Google Workspace at and Accept google workspace terms of service agreements.
Google Workspace
  1. After accepting terms and services you have to verify domain Ownership for GW by clicking on the setup of the admin console.
Google Workspace
  1. Domain ownership Verification is done then you have to add a TXT Record by log-in in to your cPanel dashboard at your host. After that, look for the Advanced DNS Zone Editor tool.
DNS editor in cPanel
  1. Then you need to use the form to add a TXT record that contains the information from the Google Workspace (G Suite) website.
Add TXT record to DNS
  • Name – your domain name
  • TTL – 86400
  • Type – TXT
  • TXT Data – copy and paste from the GW.
  1. After inserting the data into the TXT record. add MX records for your professional email address. It allows GW to handle email for your domain name. To get started, go back to your main cPanel dashboard and find the MX Entry tool.
cPanel MX Entry tool
  1. Select your domain name from the drop-down. After that, you should see a premade button for Set Google MX click on that button. Tthen adds a new record by inserting the priority and destination column and then click add a new record.
One-click MX entry setup
How to manually add MX records
  1. Once you’ve finished adding the entries, go back to the GW interface and click the Verify Domain And Set Up Email button.
Finish Google Workspace (G Suite) setup process
  1. After verifying the domain and setting up the email, you get a message to successfully complete the setup. means now your GW is set up successfully for your business.
Success message

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