What is Google Workspace Support?

Google Workspace support is a support system that helps clients and customers to resolve their problems. It also provides the information and guidance of the product. As a Google workspace administrator, you can contact google directly for support, via phone call, chat, and email. Also, it depends upon the plan to which you subscribed.

Get Google Workspace Support in India

Google Workspace

In India, if you want google workspace support then you have to purchase google workspace plans with google partners in India like Techsense Labs. It will beneficial for you and your company to get the best and fast 24*7 support system. For this, you have to follow some steps:

  1. Purchase or transfer your current plan with Indian google partners. You have to purchase the plan with google partner in India and if you already purchase then you have to transfer your plan with google partners in India.
  2. Then google partners will procede to transfer your plan and provide new guidlines about their support system.
  3. After transfering the plan, you have a new support system for your plan. As you transfer your plan with Indian google partners. Now those google partners will support your all queries and issues which you faced.

What’s Next

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