Google Workspace Plan (End of Legacy Plan)

Google has recently announced that Google Workspace legacy free edition formally known as the G Suite legacy plan will end in July 2022. This has been a big disappointment for many users that had signed up for the service earlier when the plan has introduced.

Google is now reaching out to these legacy users. Users can retain their access to the account by upgrading the plan.  

G-Suite/Workspace won’t be available from 1 July 2022. Google announced this via support post. 

Once upgraded you can use the new subscription till 1 July 2022. The existing clients need to upgrade to a paid google workspace subscription. 

What will Happen to the Google Workspace Plan?

If users fail to enter the payment details before July 1 2022 google will suspend their workspace subscription. After 2 months in suspension, users will no longer be able to access their workspace services including Gmail, Calendar and meet.  The suspended account can be restored by adding payment details.

Google Workspace Plan
Google Workspace

Google earlier has rebranded its G Suite as Google Workspace in 2020. The new Google Workspace acts as a one-stop destination for all of the office productivity apps provided by Google. The product bucket includes Gmail (mailing services), Drive (Cloud Storage), Sheets, Docs, Slides, Meet (Video Conferencing), Calendar, and many more.

Google Workspace Plan Pricing at Techsense Labs

google workspace plan
Google Workspace Plan

How Can We Help in Transfering Google Workspace Data?

We at Techsense labs provide premium and instant support on all the platforms such as Phone, Email, Whatsapp.  Techsense also helps you in migrating data from another platform to your google workspace account at no cost.

Also, get a 10% Instant discount on all the Google workspace Plans.

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