Google chat is an application of google workspace which helps to communicate, create groups, and share files. its generally use for business employees. which makes communication more effective and easy to use.

And yes google chat is an alternative to stack because it provides more creative features like:

  1. Google chat application integrated with all G suit applications like google drive, google meet, etc
What Is Google Workspace And How Does It Impact Your G Suite Account? |  Jones IT
  1. G chat support @mention on your messages. This feature helps to identify who mentioned you specifically.
Everything you need to know about Google Chat | Zapier
  1. Typing indicator means when someone typing any message then shows typing icon on your chatbox.
Typing indicators
  1. You can share your files like pics and videos with original resolution.
You can now quickly search and send GIFs in Google Chat on web | Technology
  1. Also, you can create meetings through the video call option.
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  1. Create rooms for specific activities and make a chat room for tasks.
Recreating Group Messages as Rooms in Google Chat | Division of Information  Technology

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