Move your business to Google Cloud, and improve efficiency in all your business processes

Add Efficiency to Your Organization
* Auto-organize your inbox with filters
* Easily manage multiple signatures
* Keep track of file and folder updates in Drive
* Access your files on any device, any time
* Find changes in documents faster
* Analyze Web Data – Use Google Sheet and Google Analytics
* Brainstorm – Simplify communication & Content sharing
* do to Brainstorming
* Make Paperless Office
* Give Effective Presentations
* Have Productive Conversations
Manage Your HR Department Efficiently
* Increase your presence and effectiveness at career fairs using Hangouts
and Chromebooks
* Conduct more insightful remote interviews by combining Hangouts and Docs
* Track interviewing pipeline statuses and updates with Sheets
* Simplify the onboarding process by hosting training resources in Sites
* Teach courses anywhere in the world with virtual classrooms in Hangouts
* Train your salespeople anytime, anywhere
* Organize team events, travel plans, and more
Succeed in Marketing
* Manage your trade shows
* Create a team site with all the latest information in one place
* Create a marketing team calendar for vendors and employees
* Run promotional email campaigns more efficiently
* Organize winning campaigns
* Appear in Search results and get noticed locally
Manage Project Easily
* Track, update, and collaborate on project tasks
* Communicate easily with your project team using one address
* Manage project or team schedules
* Securely create and manage digital assets
* Consolidate your team’s project information in one website
Build Website Easily
* Create easy, impactful websites. Also Build advanced,
* dynamic websites
* Make your website more engaging
* Make your website mobile-friendly
* Collect and analyze visitor feedback
* Handle your manager’s email and calendar