Meet: Google’s Answer to Zoom

Google Meet previously known as Hangouts Meet, is Google’s answer to Zoom and to the demand of a video conferencing tool. 

It is a Google’s enterprise video conferencing software that allows video calls in free, the consumer version of Hangouts, with a few additional features like real-time captions and allows up to 250 participants and 100000 live stream viewers. 

You can refer to Google Meet Help Center to know more. 

Similarities between Meet and Zoom 

Both are video conferencing tools for one-on-one and group meetings. They have numbers of the same features as the ability to join meetings via a link or by phone, which can be attended on PCs as well as mobile devices, with both Android and iOS apps. 

During a meeting, users can mute their mics and turn off their cameras. The host of the meetings can also mute the mics of participants. 

Both software also supports screen sharing and instant messaging. Each user can send messages to a group. The last mutual feature is the option to record meetings. It enables employees who missed a meeting to check it out later. 

Differences between Meet and Zoom 

Go to this article to know the difference between these two. 

Plans and Pricing 

Google Meet and Zoom both are available in a variety of plans for different monthly costs. 

Google Meet offers different options to choose from. Meet technically isn’t free because it is a part of Google G Suite. G Suite is available as little as $6 user/month and as much as $25 user/month as Enterprise plan. 

The basic version of G Suite costs $6 user/month, allows video calls of up to 100 participants. Next comes a Business plan that allows up to 150 participants come at $12 user/month and Enterprise plan offers up to 250 participants along with advanced features like recording meetings and live streaming.

In response to the current situation, Google is offering all G Suite subscribers access to the Enterprise plan of Meet at no extra cost.

The basic version of Zoom is available for free but along with some limitations. Like you can only host meetings of up to 100 people and group meetings can only last up to 40 minutes. 

After the basic plan comes Pro plan which costs $14.99 per host/month and allows meetings up to 24 hours. 

Nex is the Business plan which comes in at $19.99 per host/month with a minimum of 10 hosts. In this, you can have 300 participants with some advanced administrative features. 

Last comes the Enterprise plan. This also costs $19.99 per month per host but requires a minimum of 50 hosts. This plan offers support for up to 500 participants and includes even more advanced features like dedicated customer service and unlimited cloud storage. 

Final Thought 

Both Zoom and Google have close to the same features and tools but Google Meet is a little more convenient. It comes with every G Suite account which most of the businesses are already having. 

It is also the better tool if you have participants that need to call instead of joining via video because Google doesn’t charge an additional call-in free. Overall Google’s Meet is more cost-effective. 

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